Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Psychedelic Frog Family

Went to Smile today and bought this vintage psychedelic frog bank for $1. It will go up on ebay once I clean it. The Minnie Mouse mug in the background is a mug I bought several weeks ago (.25) at Smile. Then a day later the matching Mickey Mouse mug showed up and I bought that too.

Also bought myself a nice long sleeved black knit shirt (JC Penney brand) for $2. And for Jacob I bought a pair of navy classic chino Ralph Lauren pants for $1.50 that will fit him now.

Toilet Paper Update

Last week I mentioned I had 114 rolls of toilet paper in storage in the garage. I lied. Today I spotted where I had put an additional 24 pack of Angel Soft high up on a shelf. So that means the total is really 138. And in the past week we haven't had to replenish from the garage (since I also have more TP stored in the bathrooms).

Well having a large supply is TP is not the worst thing to have. The other day I found a bag of tortilla chips in the cupboard that somehow missed getting eatten. It had a "best by" date of May 2008. It will go the squirrels. Makes me think of that saying "You can go broke saving money".

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