Monday, October 06, 2008

Another Good Day Today

I had my dentist appt today. It was a good visit - no problems whatsoever which is nice. Usually my dentist likes to talk about replacing "old fillings" but today there was none of that. I think he's already replaced all my old fillings that he could get away with doing. On days when I don't get the "it's time to replace the old fillings" talk, I usually get the taking care of my gums lecture but none of that either. I guess my extreme flossing over the last week paid off.

Went to VV and found some nice shirts for .35 each. Including a vintage NFL shirt that says "NFL Alumni Philadelphia Eagles" on it. Didn't find any cruisewear. Also bought a boy's Van Heusen black jacket for .35. And I bought myself a Dress Barn jacket for $1.50 (pic below). I never shop at the Dress Barn. Makes me feel like a farm animal stepping foot into the place.

Also went to Walmart and bought a small (9") high velocity fan for only $5 (summer clearance.) I saw them a few weeks ago when they were $8. On some of the cruise message boards I've been on lately, some say to pack a fan for air circulation in the cabin. I like having background noise too when I sleep. Since I am driving to the ship, I'm anticipating bringing the biggest suitcase I can find and maybe a big dufflebag.

And big news, today I drove by the site of our future Kohl's store. Super yea!!!! As far as retail stores go, I love Kohl's. But not more than yardsales of course. It will be months til it's open. Our nearest Kohl's is 50 miles away at the mall and I don't get to shop there often, and when I do, I'm usually with DH and Jacob, and they cramp my shopping style so I never find anything. In previous blog entries, I've mentioned often hitting the Kohl's Night Owl Sales when I visit my mom in NY. I can put Jacob to bed and then drive 2 miles to my mom's Kohl's. This Kohl's will still be about 15 miles away, but at least I can occasionally shop there during the day when DH is at work and Jacob is at school.

And lastly I stopped by Walgreens to look at clearance (didn't buy any) but saw they had a big Health Screening Van there, so I got my glucose and cholesterol tested etc for free. They also had a bone density test. I had never had one done before, but my bones are awesome. Actually, I passed that test the best. I am glad all my diet soda drinking hasn't started to eat away at my bones yet.


Misty said...

Too cute jacket. Good job!!

Regina said...

I love Kohls too! We got one earlier this year and its been fantastic. I got my Kohls card and the saving are great. Love the coupons they send and since I always pay it off each billing cycle, its so worth it. Enjoy yours when it opens!