Friday, October 24, 2008

Careful: my shoes are inside

Well today I broke out the ole Pamela Barsky luggage tags for the first time. I bought a set of quirky and colorful luggage tags a while ago at Smile for .50 When I eventually go on my cruise, I'll be using two of the tags. One says "Careful: my shoes are inside" and the other says "I'm pretty sure this isn't your bag". I couldn't decide which ones I wanted to use since I want to use them all. I don't believe in packing light. I still may switch and use the one that says "open with caution: dirty clothes inside". So many choices. They are sold online for $12 at the Pamela Barsky Boutique


egg said...

those are funny tags! but i don't think i could afford it at $12. 50cents sounds good to me. =) i love traveling, but always afraid of someone taking my luggage. have fun on your trip!

Anny said...

Those are awesome! I love the considerate "Nothing worth stealing is inside."