Thursday, May 22, 2008

Shoes, Sobe, Snapple, and yummy David Cook

Went to Smile and found some shoes. A pair of like new Aerosoles ($2), a pair of Bjorndal $4 and a pair of Helmut Lang sandals $5. The Helmut Lang shoes are too big so they will probably get put on ebay.

Speaking of shoes, if you are buying your shoes online, be sure to check Beth's Shoebuy coupons site for big discounts at It is one of the easiest ways to save on shoes.

After Smile, I went to Walgreens and bought a cart-full of stuff for $12. I happened upon a day when they were reorganizing the coolers and had all kinds of Snapple, Sobe, and Gatorade for .34 each. They also had a bunch of Milkbone dog treats - big bags - normally $5 for $1.24 each (I bought 4 packages). And I had a coupon for $20.00 off a OneTouch Glucose Meter, which were on sale for $14.99. I don't need the glucose meter, but I will sell it at my next yardsale, which is soon.

The cashier took the full price of the coupon $20 off, even though the glucose meter was $14.99. The cashier is the paid professional - not me. It's not my job to the cashier how to ring up a coupon. Soooooo.... if they want to give me $20 off a $14.99 item, I let them. The above pic is all the teas I got plus the glucose meter. Forgot to put the dog treats in the pic. All in all, I ended up paying $12-something.

And if you happened to miss yummy David Cook last night in the Guitar Hero commercial - here it is for your viewing pleasure. I taped this off our TV (DVR) using my little digital camera focusing on the tv screen. Love my DVR!

ZZ Top is going to be in our area next month. I think I'll try to work (volunteer) at it - just for the slim chance of a special guest star. Here's another video that I recorded off my TV/DVR.


Anonymous said...

Great buys on the Snapple and SoBe drinks. I am so jealous....good going! Susan

Betsy said...
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Monica said...

My sister is in love with David Cook , she is old enought to be his mom!!!!

Chris said...

Monica - when I get much older, I'm going to join the Cougars for Cook fan club.