Sunday, May 11, 2008

Kickin' butt on Mother's Day

We didn't have any plans for today, so I suggested going bowling (I guess I had bowling balls on the brain). I have a some Banquet free bowling coupons and it does make me feel good to use them, rather having them go to waste. They expire at the end of the month - the coupons were on the packages of the cheap Banquet tv dinners. The total cost of kickin' butt? Priceless. But the monetary value was $0.00 (except for gas to get there). Free bowling and this particular bowling alley has free kid's shoe rental. Dh and I each have our own bowling shoes so no need to rent shoes.

Above is a picture of the butt kickin' I did to my family earlier today. I don't think 138 is a high score by any means, but it was good enough today.

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