Friday, May 16, 2008

A Bermuda Bargain (if there is such a thing)

In case my clue about my vacation wasn't obvious (I thought it was soooo totally obvious - haha) - I am going to Bermuda! My sister and I are going on a cruise in the fall - with the only port being Bermuda. I love Bermuda. I spent a college spring break there a few years back. Or was it decades ago?? No, I am *sure* it was just a few years ago because I am still so young.

The trip is going to be relatively cheap considering there is no airfare involved. I will just drive to the port (Baltimore - not too far) and pay $10 a day to park. I signed up for Royal Caribbean's email newsletters and happened to see that they were running a special on May 13th. Book your cruise on that day and get a $50 onboard credit. Not a big deal but I told my sister we should book it that day since we are positive about what date we can both sail on. Because of my husband's work schedule, there was only 1 date that I could go on - he has to be available to get Jacob on and off the bus etc.

I am so glad we booked it. I just looked at the Royal Caribbean website and the price of our cruise just jumped $150! I can't wait to tell my sister that we just *saved* ourselves $150 each.

I love cruises. I haven't been on one in 8 years - the last cruise I was on was NCL's Norway back when I was preggers with Jacob. Most of my cruises have been on NCL but I have been on RCCL once before.

Anyone know of any thrift shops in Bermuda??

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