Friday, May 09, 2008

Bowling Ball Fence - artsy craft project for old bowling balls

The other day I drove down a street in my neighborhood that I usually don't drive on, and for the first time saw this interesting use of old bowling balls. You know how you can always find old bowling balls for a buck or so at a yardsale? I wonder if that's how this fence got started. The yard is on a hill, so I wasn't able to take a picture of the entire bowling ball fence. I'm guessing they just got varying lengths of rebar (or similar) and put some sort of epoxy in one of the finger holes and just staggered them. Maybe someday I'll stop in and ask for instructions.

I just searched google for other bowling ball fences and none were as pretty as this one. I think it looks sorta artsy.

I'm sure you noticed the ugly "photo from" across the photo. I did that cuz I am tired people taking my pictures and more without permission. And I figured this picture is a kind that someone (not YOU of course) would copy and put on a crafts website without asking permission. So I figure, I might as well get credit for it.

The other day I stumbled across a new garage sale website and saw that they copied word for word - about a half page directly from my website. And then on someone else's blog I saw a picture that I took - with no credit or mention of Very irritating to know there are people who think nothing of taking someone else's work and claiming it as their own. Makes me want to come over and knock them upside the head with my bitch belt buckle (that is, if I could find where I put it.)


BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi can get a Copyscape linkie-loo to put on your blog and it will alert you if someone steals any text or photos from your can also go to and put in your web address and it will search the web for you....then you can send the offender a nasty gram.

Happy Mother's Day.

RESALE by GAIL said...

Putting your ID on your photos is a great thing to do. They say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, but stealing is stealing. Your blog is my absolute FAVORITE!!

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but could we get an update on when the boards will be back up?



Anonymous said...

Robin - thanks for that copyscape info. Chris - beat 'em up!
(and I promise to ask before filching anything from you).
I think the bowling ball thing is kind of interesting! thanks for the post.

Chris said...

Dicity - several board members are using the back-up board until the new board is ready. The backup board link is on my links list here on the blog. You would have to register there too to be a member

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I didn't know how to get into the backup board.

dicity said...


Sorry someone stole your content. I'd follow the advice of bittersweetpunkin and use Also, it's interesting this was mentioned because I was just going to ask your permission to use some of your content (mentioning your site of course) and beg you (on bended knees) to be a guest writer on our new garage sale site. Also, you may want to get that other site back by telling people NOT to go there, that's just bad netiquette to steal content.

~Tori said...

I use to watermark my photo's... not as "ugly" (your word, not mine) and has lot's of options