Friday, December 21, 2007

Bargains at CVS today

In the newspaper there was a CVS ad (not the regular sales flyer) and it had a coupon to save $5 off a $15 purchase. Since the coupon was only good for 3 days, I went today and bought some stuff. For the stuff in the picture above, I paid $7.34 The cashier took off my $5 coupon PLUS he scanned some other coupon that he had at the register and that took ANOTHER $5 off. He was busy talking on the phone as he was ringing me up and I asked "was that some special coupon?" and he just said "yeah" and went onto the next customer. So I have no idea why I got the additional $5 off. Ok, so I paid $7.34 for the stuff above (some stuff was Buy 1 Get 1 free) but the best part was that many of the items were items that had "extra care bucks" with them. (If you aren't familiar with CVS, Extra Care Bucks are special coupons that print out on your cash register receipt to use the next time you shop. Sorta like free money. So with what I bought today, I have an additional $9.46 to spend the next time I shop at CVS. (For example, the Tylenol was $2.49 - BUT on my receipt today I got a coupon to save $2.49 on my next CVS purchase).

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Kimberly said...

nice job ! :) I love CVS!