Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Went to Smile and didn't find much - that was expected since they kinda got cleaned out due to their half priced sales last week. I did find a talking Dora the Explorer action figure ($1) for my son. If someone bought it for their daughter, it would be considered a doll, but since I bought it for my son, it's an "action figure" - haha. About 2 months ago he discovered watching Dora and loves it. We tivo'ed "Go Diego Go", so it will be interesting to see if he likes that too. I also bought a nice patio umbrella for $8. I misplaced my camera, so no pics today.

Also today I stopped by my son Jacob's old school. I wanted to check on the status of their annual Back To School Boxtops for Education/Campbells Soup Labels contest. Last year my son was the winner of the school's contest since he submitted the most: over 2,000 boxtops & labels. (As the winner he received a school logo t-shirt, some free goodies from the cafeteria, a visit from Principal to his class, etc). I posted a request on my website click here and lots of people from around the country donated them to me. Well this year, he's at a different school but I still want to do something special with all the labels & boxtops I received. So I checked with Jacob's former teacher and I plan on donating the labels & boxtops in the name of another special needs child (one of my son's former classmates, the child is blind and has some other disabilities). I think it would be great to have the winner of the school's contest again be a child in the "Special Needs Pre-K" class.

So....if you happen to have a stash of Boxtops for Education and/or Campbells Soup Labels and don't know what to do with them, I would love them!! The contest ends Sept. 20 - my info is on the link above.

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