Saturday, September 03, 2005

It's Saturday so no big surprise, I went yardsaling. When I got home, my husband handed me Sunday's Parade section which has an article on "Are you a packrat" and goes into hoarding etc. One of their tips said you had to stop the flow of junk into your house, cancel all subscriptions etc. (We get all the sale ads along with the Parade section a day before most people do).

The way I am headed, they will probably feature me in their next article about pack rats. I just signed up for another newspaper subscription. That makes 4 that I get. Aye yi yi. Well let me explain (I can rationalize almost anything), I subscribe to the local rag (only comes out twice a week, it's good to know what's going on locally, it's not like we have our own local tv station), I have a free subscription to the New York Observer (which is only once a week, I just read their "Love Beat" engagements. I signed up somewhere online for a free subscription and it keeps coming), The Washington Post (daily) and now I'll start the Washington Times. I couldn't resist, a Mon-Sat delivery was only $20 a year. Super cheap compared to the $178 a year I pay for the Washington Post. So I'll save money by letting the Post subscripion expire and just buy it on Sundays (for the coupons and all the sale ads).

At least (not yet anyways), I don't hoard the papers, once I read them (which is daily), they get recycled.

Anyhow about today's yardsales - I didn't buy much. I think my best buy was at a yardsale held by a woman who sells Mary Kay. She had a bunch of samples and had a deal "fill a grocery bag for $2". I could have gotten a ton more, but didn't want to be greedy or take things I wouldn't use.

I missed out on buying some cheap Longaberger baskets by a matter of minutes. I saw antique dealer woman had gotten at the sale moments before me and they seller had stuff super cheap. I didn't even want to know what she sold them for since it probably would depress me.

The Navy's Blue Angels are in town today and tomorrow. Our neighborhood association is having a free picnic at their waterfront clubhouse this afternoon. So we'll get an excellent view and not have to deal with the crowds and traffic at the navy base.

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