Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Last Saturday my son (5 years old) went yardsaling with me - I normally don't take him since I can cover more ground without him. He only found one thing that he wanted - a very masculine studly stallion horse (.10). Ok, Ok, I know it looks like a girly My Little Pony knockoff, but I assure you it's meant for a boy.

I also bought the above funky vintage polyester "Tony Alamo of Nashville" western shirt (.50). The back has more embroidery and rhinestones. It's handwashable so I'll wash it and then put it up on ebay. At a church yardsale I bought a vintage Mattel Wizzer set ($1) - identical to what I had as a kid. Well actually I still have my childhood toy, so now I have two. They'll be on ebay eventually.

Yesterday I had some shopping to do (yesterday was the last day of my free pass to BJ's Warehouse, so I wanted to pick up a few things there before the pass expired). We used to be a member of BJ's Warehouse - one opened up locally about 2 years ago, and they had a special promotion for memberships when it first opened. But since there's just the 3 of us in our family, it's really not worth the annual membership fee so we let it expired. Maybe we'll join again in the future if we need to make a big purchase there.

So anyways, since I was close to V V, I went there too (and it was .30 day - clothing is just .30 each). I bought 8 pieces of clothing ($2.40 total). A couple of tops for me, a pair of Dockers khakis for my son, some shirts for my son and a couple of baby items (for ebay), including a smocked Feltman Bros. baby outfit.

Today I am staying home and won't be buying anything.

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