Tuesday, September 27, 2005

My buys from last Saturday:

.25 bottle of Canoe cologne
.25 each, bottles of Estee Lauder products (foamy gel cleanser, deep clean mask, lotion etc)
.25 small cookbook: BBQ with Budweiser
.50 large baggy full of Mighty Beanz toys
.25 two brand in package (fake) diamond tennis bracelets

Then at a church yardsale (where nothing was marked), I filled up a grocery bag full of stuff and then at checkout, the cashier would name a price. My bag of stuff was only $2. In my bag, I bought two brand new packages of freezer storage containers, Blues Clues software, a new zipper pull with my son's name on it, a Plankton (Spongebob character) watch in decorative container, a few books, a Tweety bird ceramic spoonrest, several small toys, a button that says "I am not your maid" and some other junk.


Anonymous said...

How do you find these deals?? All I ever find is junk!!

Ron G. said...

Hey Chris, your new blog and boards look great! It seems like the blogging concept is perfect for you, since it's pretty much what you've been doing all along in other formats. (I signed up for a Blogger account awhile back myself, but have never used it.)

Jacob looks great, and he's getting so big! I'm sorry to hear about the hassles with his new school, but I'm glad that things are getting ironed out. My son Andy is 12 now, and just started 7th grade last month.

I spend my free time these days hanging out with an online artist and crafter group. I still hit the thrift shops regularly, but since I'm not reselling anymore I've cut way back on my own purchases.

Take care,

Ron G. in Georgia

Chris said...

To anonymous - I find the deals by just constantly shopping I guess...I do make mistakes. The Banana Boat sunscreen that I posted about a while ago I ended up tossing in trash. I swear it smelled like cigarette smoke. I mean, how much of a hardcore smoker do you have to be that the smoke will penetrate thru plastic packaging...

Chris said...

Ron G. - great to hear from you, thanks for the compliments. The board still has a lot of the old regulars...Judy, Jeanette, Jenn, Nick, Annette, and of course a new cast of characters. I'm glad they finally agreed that the boards were due for an update. (They were always "don't change this Chris, we like these boards..."

Yes, Jacob is going to be tall.

Hope you pop in again!