Friday, August 26, 2005

Went to Smile this morning and bought myself a pair of Crazy Horse (Liz Claiborne) jeans $2. And a "The North Face" men's fleece jacket for $2. Usually men's jackets are $4 but the cashier just charged me the $2 sweater price. A lot of times they'll price certain brand names a higher price just based on the brand, which is stupid. They'll put a $4 price (instead of $2) on a very used Eddie Bauer shirt just because it says Eddie Bauer. Same with the Gap or Old Navy, they'll mark it higher just because of the label. I guess the clothing sorters at the thrift have never seen the bargain racks at Old Navy. And then they are clueless about brands like The North Face, so its priced at their standard price. I subscribe to the Washington Post, so I know that I read about how last winter people got shot and mugged over their North Face coats, and here I can buy one for $2.

Also bought two videos ($1 each) but they turned out to be duds for resale on ebay. After Smile I went to another thrift (called The Spot - the proceeds benefits a local animal group). I bought 3 Thomas the Train videos for $1 each. My cousin's son is a Thomas addict. Afterwards I picked my husband up at a local motorcycle repair shop where he had dropped off his bike for some work. We went to lunch at a mongolian barbeque and did some Walmart shopping. Bought 50 lbs of sunflower seeds (around $12) and a $2 clearance sheet cake pan with lid for my mom for Xmas. I noticed on my recent visit, she made a sheet cake to share with her friends at Bingo, but only put plastic wrap over the top. So this cake pan with the lid is a better way to carry a cake.

I put a free ad in our local Pennysaver to try to sell our old waterbed. The ad will run starting next week, it would be nice to get rid of it.

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