Monday, August 01, 2005

First day of new blog

Well I decided to switch to a "real" blog instead of just updating my blog that I started at Now if you have a comment, you can leave a comment. Eeek, I hope that will be a good thing.


Chris said...

Just wanted to be the first to comment - how lame is that!

Heather Bensel said...

This might be even lamer...I have checked every day since 7/26 in hopes that you had a great bargain to share!I was excited to see new activity. Cool new blog area, anyway.

mrhaney said...

hello chris. i have been blogging for a while now. i love blogging as much as i like bargains. i am glad i found your site. you may be getting some more visitors here. hope you do not mind. i have found some good blogging friends. i found out how to link to them on my blog by changing the template. do you know how to fool with the template? well you have a good day and i will talk with you again.