Thursday, August 25, 2005


Went to Smile again today and bought myself a pair of like new Union Bay sandals for $2, pictured above. Also bought my son a pair of Stride Rite sneakers $1, and a talking plush Eeyore (with batteries) who flaps his ears for $1

Then went to our Food Lion for a few items. They are re-doing our store, upgrades etc. Well they even replaced all the shopping cart corrals in the parking lot to new, nice looking ones. Anyhow, there was a professionally made sign on the side of the cart corral: "Shopping carts are 4 your convenience...." Sheesh - what spelling - using "4" for "for". I called Food Lion headquarters to tell them I thought it was tacky and they agreed and are going to look into it. I mean,that's the kind of grammar you would see when someone uses a handwritten sign and is trying to sell a car or something, not proper English for a corporation to use.


Anonymous said...

Wow, nice-looking shoes! I wish we had a Smile thrift shop around here...

Yikes, that sounds tacky! I'm surprised they didn't use "R" for "Are" on that sign too!

Chris said...

I love my Smile thrift store! It's a store run by church volunteers to help the local needy and to stock their food pantry.