Saturday, March 24, 2012

Nice set of hooters you got there

I beg your pardon?
The owls! They're beautiful!
(Dumb and Dumber)

No, I didn't buy the owls. The thrift store was overrun with owls this week. And I didn't buy any VHS of Titanic - they seem to multiply on their own. Right after this movie came out is when DVDs must have become popular. It seems like it's the last big movie that was sold on VHS (and everyone and their brother ran out and bought it).

And I didn't buy this "I put out" t-shirt. It wasn't my size. Actually, it was a child's size!

And also didn't buy this sofa, which apparently is in mint condition.

I recently went to a yardsale where a boxing match could have broken out at any time. The seller had a small boxing ring built in their garage. I did buy some brand new unopened beauty products from them.

Not a whole lot going on. I saw that my beloved Whiskey dog has yet again been reincarnated into another tv commerical. Here is his look-a-like in a McDonald's filet-o-fish commercial recently.

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wil said...

i completely agree with u about crazy amounts of Titanic copies showing up @ thrifts, I've came to the conclusion that they migrate to thrift stores on their own, like birds migrate south for the winter.