Saturday, November 13, 2010

Selling at the Live Auction

Ok, I know you all have been patiently waiting to hear the results of my junk for sale at the live auction house (no I didn't go to it, but maybe I should start since stuff sells so cheaply there -haha! I used to go all the time pre-Jacob, the auctioneer was very entertaining back then. But now the auctioneer they have is more serious.

After the commission was taken out, I ended up with a check for $75.XX. My awesome vintage telephone gossip bench/junk magnet that I couldn't stand having in the house any longer sold for a whopping $5 (paid $1 at a yardsale). The highest thing sold for $35 and that was that little dark wood vanity (originally I paid $5 for it at a yardsale).

Today after hitting a few yardsales and an estate sale, I met up with the local collector guy who buys local vintage memorabilia. I had various things I had been collecting for a while (stuff bought at my thrift and at yardsales), including the vintage postcards I had from the area. But guess what? He didn't want the postcards I had, since he already had identical ones. But he did pay me $80 for all the other stuff I had that he wanted. Heck, that's more than I got from the stuff I took to the auction house.

Here's one thing I bought today that reminded me of my mother - for many reasons. It will be a Christmas gift, cuz I'm generous that way:

She and I are both Taurus's (our birthdays are just one day apart).

And at a yardsale, I bought this pair of things. Sorry for the bad lighting (morning sun at weird angle). Make of 2 x 4's, carpeting and big empty coffee cans. I paid $1. I know what it is (since they told me) do you?

I dropped off another box of books to the used bookstore (my 4th box). My first 3 boxes got me a $120 credit! I did "buy" two books with my credit, one of which is

Thrift Score by Al Hoff. It's an older book but looks interesting.

And I stopped at a thrift (didn't buy a thing) and saw this:

I don't remember ever seeing a mannequin in a reclining position. But very true to life, since there was a remote in his hand


becky said...

that's a washers game! i didn't know it had made it out of st. louis, lol

PocketChange said...

Ha! That mannequin is realistically creepy, or is it creepily realistic? Sooner or later that remote will fall out of his always does!

Susan said...

Yep that remote is going to fall outta his hands and he is gonna be sleeping! LOL

Anonymous said...

Chris, you always make me laugh!

Anonymous said...

your thrift store has a sense of humor...refreshing!

Shan Van said...

LOL, just found you blog and that "man" on the couch is hilarious! I laughed out loud.