Monday, November 29, 2010

It's Cyber Monday - and my computer is dead

I am typing this from Jacob's computer. Our internet went down last night so I shut my computer totally off. This morning when I tried to start it up, it sounds like it's starting but all I hear is a beep.........beep.........beep.....etc. And a blank monitor screen. I hope it's something simple and stupid.

Anyhow when we lost internet last night I was right in the middle of posting a new blog post. I swear. Was writing about my free hotel stay (again! yippee!), my black Friday shopping (yes, I like to go Black Friday shopping just so I can see what people are buying that I will be seeing at the spring yardsales. Only half kidding - I made my first purchase myself that day at 5:45am.

Today I had an eye exam and picked out new glasses.

I also went to Famous Footwear today and walked out of the store with a brand new pair of flip flops and paid $0. I really dislike flip flops in general, but hey, they want to give them to me, I'll take them. Maybe I'll just sell them at my next yardsale. Which is this Saturday. It will be an indoor yardsale that the Parks & Recs department organizes. So this week I will be getting ready for that.

When I got home today from the stores/eye exam there was a message on our answering machine saying I won a tray of spicy nuggets from our local Chick-Fil-A. On Black Friday morning, I stopped in to get a free soda and free biscuit sandwich (I had coupons) and while there filled out a entry blank to win the nugget tray. mmmmmm Chick-Fil-A. If you don't live near a Chick-Fil-A, I feel sorry for you. Also while there, I bought a $6 2011 calendar so I will have coupons for next year (calendar has 12 yummy coupons for free food).

well I better run for now. I hate not having my computer!!!!!


Anonymous said...

SEND ME A CHIK-FIL-A sandwich pronto!!!!! Congrats on the nugget win.....remember I won one too when Mark was in college? Susan C.

Anonymous said...

The calendar used to be $5. Congrats on the food, though!

PocketChange said...

Queen, my internet service was down last night too......and I had a lot of auctions I wanted to watch or start. AAAARRRRRGGGHHH! The price we pay for living in the country! I called and got a message there was an outage (didn't realize how big until this morning). And I thought I was going to read today about the Holiday Open House at your favorite thrift store!

egg said...

if you have a desktop, the beeps is a hint to the problem it may be. check it out here

Anonymous said...

My computer did that once and it was a stuck down key from the last time I had used it.

Credit Union said...

A dead pc on a cyber Monday is grounds for going postal... I guess a down internet connection would be parallel.