Monday, September 06, 2010

My One Cool Yardsale Buy

Here's the one thing I really like that I bought on Saturday at a yardsale. A vintage mid-century modern Lane cedar hope chest for $10. The right corner needs some wood scratch cover. I think it's going in our foyer - I will replace a telephone gossip chair that I currently have in the foyer. Although I would hate to get rid of the gossip chair (paid $1 for it and refinished it). But now it's basically used as a storage space for magazines. This way with the hope chest, I can hide all my magazines in it. And I can get a cushion for it and use it as a place to sit down to put shoes on or take off.

One of my other favorite buys this week - was a thrift store buy for $1. Microphone Mike from Hallmark - new with his $19.99 price tag still attached. You press a button, talk into the microphone and it repeats it back in a monster voice. Will put away for Jacob for Christmas. But really, its for me to play with. I saw them at a Hallmark store a while ago and wanted it but no way would I pay $19.99.


Susan said...

Nice finds!! Love the credenza you found!

Anonymous said...

Very nice hope chest. Use it in good health. Susan C.

ZDub said...

Good lord, that is a STEAL.

And I might steal it from you as well.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Can you tell me what "sign and stay" means in regards to a yard/garage sale?



Chris at said...

Lor - I have no clue! Where did you see it, in an ad or something?

alicia_away said...

I know this was written years ago but maybe you can still help. I found this chest in a thrift shop and loved its style. The chest has a style number (5999-50) and a serial number of 463150 in the typical Lane style/font. The hinges and the lock both say Lane, but "Lane Furniture" is not stamped on it anywhere. An internet search has only shown two extant examples--this, and one on an auction site that has even less information. Does your chest have a Lane stamp? Have you found out anything more about it?