Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Lane Cedar Chest Lock Recall / How to find out the age of your Lane Cedar Chest

Just to follow up about my blog post yesterday about my $10 Lane cedar chest, I wanted to remind/inform people that if you have a Lane or Virginia Maid brand chest made 1987 or earlier, the lock needs to be replaced. My mom still has her Lane hope chest from the 50's and she got her lock replaced a long time ago (Lane will send out a free replacement). Too many kids were crawling inside and getting themselves locked in - with tragic results. Lane estimates there are still 6 million chests out there (occasionally showing up at yardsales etc) - that need replacement locks.

So I called today to get my free lock replacement (I could have filled out the online form but I wanted to try to find out when mine was made. I talked to a nice woman with a southern drawl who explained how to determine the age of a Lane cedar chest.

Mine has a birthday of April 15, 1967. Above is a picture of the serial # (style #). To determine the age, work backwards from the Serial #. Take the last two numbers (40) - reverse them and you have 04 - for April - the 4th month of the year. The next two numbers (51) get reversed to 15 - the 15th of the month. The next two numbers (76) get reversed to 67 - meaning 1967. The first number - #2 - just represents which plant # it was made it. So there you have it - 04/15/67


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing the recall information in this post. I know the post is old, but my child died just 6 weeks ago in our family hope chest. The hope chest had been past down through three generations and none of us heard of this recall. I learned to late! Our Lilly crawled in to play hide and seek but she wasn't found in time. Please tell everyone you know about these hope chests! Save a life, 6 million are still at risk!

Janis & Craig Hilton said...

I am so sorry to hear this. What an awful tragedy. I am deeply saddened by your loss.

When I was six, I locked myself in my mom's cedar chest. I was in there for awhile, screaming and banging. Thankfully my aunt, on her way to bed, heard me. Everyone else was still downstairs. My mother purposely broke the lock after that, and years later, my sister and I had cedar chests too. My sister's was from the 50s and mine was from the 60s; we purposely broke the locks on those too because of what happened to me.

Regarding the replacement locks, which I would love to get; I have my mother's chest (the one I was locked in)and I would love to have a lock on it again, that is safe. I know it is from the 40s but I think my serial number and style must be on the bottom and there is no way I can turn this big thing over! I am going to call to see if I can get a lock without the numbers; I can send pics of my cedar chest.

Kat Meow said...

I recently purchased a Lane Chest made by Knechtels limited, Hanover, Ont. They style N044215 Serial NOK121135. The example you gave for determining the age doesn't work with this serial number. Would anyone know how old it might be? There is a Canadian copy right of 1931 and 1935 burnt into it. Thanks.

Phil Jarzemba said...
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Michael Wheeling said...
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