Monday, April 12, 2010

Happy Birthday David Cassidy

Happy Birthday to David Cassidy - perhaps I will celebrate his birth by drinking an adult beverage out of one of his coffee mugs (as seen above). (Thanks to the anonymous bloggy reader who reminded me of his birthday)

During this past trip to upstate New York - I got to meet one of my bloggy readers - Ann aka Rusticbuilder on ebay. She's the lady who also shared with me her pics she took at David Cassidy's moving sale. It was fun meeting her and seeing her house. She has so much of David's things, she gave me one of his coffee mugs. Back in September, when the moving sale was over, she was able to purchase a huge lot of the unsold stuff. In getting the tour of her house, it was fun to hear "this was David's comforter set", "these were David's curtains" - "here is David's fake fruit". So needless to say she is definitely using his stuff but has a ton more of stuff that she plans to put on ebay eventually (if you are an ebayer, just add Rusticbuilder to your favorite seller list.

We made reservations for Vegas baby - for later this year. Two free nights at Mandalay Bay - can't beat that. Also during that trip, we plan on going to Los Angeles etc.

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Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks for sharing more of your photos of David's things...perhaps I should celebrate his birthday by drinking an adult beverage in my Cassidy charity jean jacket from you!