Saturday, February 27, 2010

Recent bargains and buys

here's a few things I bought this week:

$3 each - 2 like-new pillows, case is zippered which is nice
$1 - box of break your own Geodes (will probably put on ebay)
$1 each - two bottles of some allergy/dust mite spray. I saw on it sells for $16.99 a bottle. Will use.
.25 package of suction cups with hooks
$2 vintage sweater - labels says Made in the British Colony of Hong Kong. that will go on ebay eventually.

And I did some grocery shopping. Total before coupons was $60.08 and after it was $15.41. I bought a lot of gum and Ortega taco seasonings. You know those commercials for the new Trident Layers gum where people talk about being paid with gum instead of money? Well that could be me, I could pay people in gum. The trident gum is 1.49, so after my .75 coupons are doubled, its free. I bought a bunch of Trident .75 gum coupons on ebay. So I will be swimming in gum and taco seasonings.

The irony of this is that today I bought gum on eBay. But not the trident layers. Jacob's latest obsession is with screamin' sour gumballs that one gumball machine in Lusby has. So hopefully within the next week, 100 sour gumballs will be arriving at the castle. With shipping, it was $13.98. So if he was to buy 100 sour gumballs at the machine, at .25 a pop, it would be $25. So I am *saving* money by getting them on ebay.

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