Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I heart Lindt Truffles

I had lunch with a friend the other day and we stopped by CVS. I noticed that Valentine's Day stuff was 75% off and the Lindt truffles caught my eye. I cleaned them out actually. You can never have enough Lindt truffles. It killed me because I know I had a $1 coupon for Lindt sitting at home, but oh well. The 3 cardboard boxes held 12 truffles for $2.25 and the tin held 17 truffles for $2.49. So the tin was a much better deal but they only had the one. And for those keeping track, no - I haven't started my Alli diet yet.

I did go to one indoor yardsale last Saturday. I had Jacob with me, so it was a quick shopping trip, I wasn't able to spend hours and hours casually inspecting every doohickey and knicknack and deciding whether I wanted it or not. I took a picture of my stash, but I can't find it. Maybe it accidentally got deleted.

Bought a .50 ink cartridge (will recycle it at Staples for a $3 credit). a new $2 Maryland Blue Crabs t-shirt. I've not been to a game yet, but if I ever do (like for instance if I win tickets) I can wear my t-shirt. a Budweiser beer tap for $3 - some are very collectible, the one I bought apparently is not one of those and I got a .25 Sugar Bear ornament.

And last but not least a new in box Graty for .50. The sidekick of the Slap Chop. My goal this yardsale season is to find a Slap Chop for $1 for Jacob. I did buy an imitation one at a yardale in the fall, but I'm sure an actual Slapchop will be a much higher quality product. haha. Jacob loves the Slap Chop commercials. And no way will I spend $19.99 for one. So far we've used the Graty to grate some playdough.
I was mesmerized the other week about seeing some ultra cheesy magnets at Walgreens. They looked so cheesy that I took pictures.

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