Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Me? Decluttering?

I promised my husband I would declutterize Jacob's bedroom - and I said I would have it done by the end of the month. Stupid me, I should have said I would have it done by the end of November. That way, when I didn't finish it, I could have said I meant November 2010. But you would be proud of me, I have a full heavy garbage bag full of games/toys that are either broken (i.e. one-armed Spongebob) or missing pieces or otherwise unsellable/un-donate-able. I think the last time I decluttered his room was when we sold his baby furniture. So it's been a while.

There were about 3 or 4 yardsales last Saturday. My best buy was this lot of Kitchenaid/fake Kitchenaid accessories for about $2 (I bought other stuff and my total at the sale came to $5 so I'm estimating this was all around $2). Only one piece is marked Kitchenaid but it all fits on my $8 Kitchenaid mixer.

This is all thrift store buys from last week. Catholic Nostalgia game $2 - probably an ebay dud cuz it's missing some pieces, $1 book (keep), $3 vintage Samsonite case (keep), $1.50 candle, $2 corner shelves, $2 Nintendo DS accessory pack (probably a dud - I have it listed on ebay now to get rid of it), .25 Japanese prints coloring book, .25 Imperial China book, .25 vintage Christmas decorations, $1 new window birdfeeder (keep).

At a yardsale: free big pig. Has a big hole in the side unfortunately. Had .13 still in it - even with the hole on the side, it was difficult to get the change out, $1 small washboard, $1 green depression glass. I'm thinking of filling the big pig with dirt and half-burying it in the backyard as a funky lawn decoration. What else can I do with it? Except bring it to the dump? If you have suggestions, please do tell.


Anonymous said...

add wings to the pig, then take pictures for the swine flu

Becky said...

Turn the pig so you can't see the hole and start depositing money.

ZDub said...

My mother has a bear holding a welcome sign that has his feet broken off. She buried it in the dirt because she couldn't throw him away.

Put him the yard because I know you won't throw him out. :)

Cheap&Sweet said...

paint him black and pink.

Plain-n-Simple! said...

LOve the pig, I have a blue one!!!!! I had one as a child (pink), always wanted to fill mine full of pennies, this blue one, I still havent. Last i checked they go for about 60.00 if its from the statuary co.
Great find!!!!!!!