Thursday, November 05, 2009

Cramping my Shopping Style

Dh needs to burn up some vacation before the end of the year so he took yesterday off. So....I didn't go to Smile. Having DH home, kinda puts a damper on my out of control shopping/acquiring/collecting. Instead we did some other shopping together and did lunch etc. And today he took half a day off so I just did a quick run to Smile (bought some vintage Maryland magazines for .25 each).

But I guess my real bargain today was at Walgreens. I had heard that this there is a good deal going on with Almay cosmetics but was skeptical it would work. But it did. Bought an Almay foundation and an Almay mascara - Mascara rang up as half priced. So before taxes I paid $13.48 for both. BUT I got $15 back in Register Rewards. I also bought two Arizona Teas for .99 (for DH, cuz he likes them. I think iced tea is gross).

I cleaned up my desk area today and found my Hit Clips (all bought at a yardsale of course). Here's a pic just to make you all jealous. Who needs an Ipod? I got my Hit Clips! Note to self: search the stores for an Orianthi Hit Clip.

And here is a fuzzy little caterpillar guy I found this morning out on our deck. Growing up, I always remember seeing tons of caterpillars. I rarely see them anymore. I moved him to a safer location.


Anonymous said...

Be careful of those fuzzy pillars cuz it could be poisonous

Donna in Warrenton, VA said...

I did the Almay deal too. I don't do a lot of the Walgreen's deals since half the time they don't work. I get my deal information from Refunding Makes Sense and if most the people are having success then I usually try. Especially if they're paying me to take something! Keep up the good shopping.

Chris at said...

I know I could have gotten the Almay cheaper (out of pocket) if I had paid with previous Register Rewards but I was afraid it wasn't gonna work and I would have to return it, so I thought it would just be easier to pay out of pocket (the first time).

Donna - I'm not a member of Refunding Makes Cents (too cheap to join). Instead I go to

Nicole said...

I'm just not smart enough (apparently) to work those Walgreens deals. I used to do the refund checks, easy, all you had to do was remember to send them in before the due date. My shopping style was also cramped this week with a home from school, not too sick son. Had to cram an all day trip in on Thursday to make up for it.

Anonymous said...

walgreen's sales appear awesome, but they always seem to run out .

also, HELP! how can you redeem expired walgreen coups?

Chris at said...

Anonymous - regarding Walgreens - you are talking about expired Register Rewards? Maybe you can find a sympathetic cashier or store manager who can help?