Monday, October 12, 2009

What a crazy good retail shopping day today

The above pic is not a pic I took while shopping. Nope, the picture was taken at home - it's *some* of the stuff I bought today. I had to put it on my yardsale clothing rack in order to take a pic. (I didn't photograph the underwear I bought for myself. But I can...for the right price, of course).

There were some awesome Columbus Day sales going on at JC Penneys. So much stuff was ringing up cheaper than what the price tag said, so I had to go back a second time and buy more. Some of which may go up on eBay (like the Van's shorts - normally $38 - I paid $2.52 each). Total spent: $34.84 for 20 items. The best buy for me was the Warners $29 bra - I paid $2.96 for it - I would have totally stocked up on them but it was the only one they had in my size.

Then it was onto Staples. As I've mentioned before, every month I recycle 10 inkjet cartridges to receive a $30 check to use at Staples. Most times I buy random inkjet cartridges at yardsales for .50 - $1 each - and sometimes less, like .25 each.

In this week's ad, I saw they had a $79 chair on sale for $29.99. I figured it would be cheap and junky. But I tried it out and it was actually very sturdy and comfortable. I also bought a package of packing paper (for ebay items) and a universal remove (which I will submit online for a $10 rebate). I also bought a nice big cardboard box for something I need to mail on ebay. (the box is not in the pic. When I mail ebay items, a lot of time I crunch up tissue paper (bought at 90% off at Target after Christmas.) But this packing paper is much more sturdier and can also be used for crumpling up and using it as filler in packages.

So....after two $30 coupons were deducted...I paid .81!!! And don't forget, I will be getting a $10 rebate too!

I think I know a little boy who is gonna be excited to open up a new office chair on Christmas morning. Isn't that what all boys dream about getting for Christmas??? Jacob currently uses a $2 yardsale office chair, but the back doesn't adjust and its pretty uncomfortable.

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EM said...

I love it when you go shopping! It always makes for such fun posts!