Thursday, October 08, 2009

Saved almost $600 the other day

Our monthly cable/internet bill has been constantly increasing. We gotta have HBO for DH to watch Entourage, we have to have Showtime to watch Dexter. And of course gotta have DVR and high def. Just recently, the bill climbed up to $172.66 a month.

So I called and asked if there was any special promotions going on or anything that can be done to make the bill more economical. They transferred me to the promo dept where I got disconnected. So last week I called again - and again, when I got transferred the line disconnected. So two nights ago I called yet again and asked to speak to the promotion department and told how I kept getting disconnected and this time they stayed on the line until I got thru.

Our bill will be reduced by almost $50 per month AND we are getting additional channels and keeping all of our current services.

Yesterday at Walgreens there was a one day special to make a photo DVD with music for $1 (normally $19.99) - I made a photo DVD of my niece's wedding which I will mail to her.

Making regular photos at Walgreens is pretty neat. You can order pics and have them picked up at another location. For instance after my niece's wedding in NY - I uploaded my pics to the Walgreen's photo website, selected the ones I wanted printed, paid for them online, and told them I wanted them to be picked up at the Walgreens near my sister's house in NY. So all my sister had to do is go to the Walgreens and pick up the photos. It saved me from having to mail them.

Coming soon - a contest to win a Zhu Zhu pet - which I've read is going to be one of the hottest toys this Christmas season. I already have two Zhu Zhu pets - oops I mean Jacob already has two Zhu Zhu pets.


ZDub said...

I wish I would have known about that DVD special! I was just at Walgreen's too.

I haven't heard of the Zhu Zhu's, need to google it.

EM said...

One thing you have to be careful of at Walgreens is the quality of the end product. We've uploaded photos before and have had to asked to have them redone b/c of chopped off heads, etc. It's all going to depend on how conscientious the photo clerk is and if they really don't care about their minimum wage job, it's going to show in your photos.

Michele said...

I do that for my mom. She's computer illiterate and is always bugging me to give her photos. Makes it so easy!