Friday, October 16, 2009

My Gas Bargain from Yesterday $1.13 gallon

I forgot to mention that yesterday I bought gas for $1.13 a gallon. My grocery store has a deal that for every $100 you spend, you get .20 off per gallon of gas. I got a $1.20 discount off my gas $2.34 - $1.20 = $1.13 gallon. Normally a person would have had to spend $600 in groceries over the past 30 days to get that discount.

But last week they had a special that if you bought 4 items from participating brands - you got a bonus .20 discount off gas. So I stocked up on Old El Paso taco and chili seasonings at $1 each and that's how I got the huge gas discount.

And since we eat tacos and chili pretty often, it won't go to waste.

I could have gotten the gas cheaper if I bought it last week (since gas was down to $2.29 but now its at $2.34). But I didn't need gas last week so I waited until the gas tank was empty to fill-up. One cashier told me that she talked to another customer who had enough discounts last week to buy gas at .09 a gallon!


Jamie said...

We have a store that does 10 cents off for every $50 spent. They sell gift cards so we buy gift cards when we know we'll be eating out somewhere and for gifts. We had new carpet installed by Home Depot so we bought a couple thousand dollars of gift cards and got two tanks of free gas. They do promotions where $50 in gift cards will get 20 cents off, so we take advantage of that.

Plus, that store has a deal with one of our local banks that they'll offer extra fuel perks if you use the bank card for purchases.

Anonymous said...

Chris...Gas here is 2.65 a gallon. No discounts anywhere except maybe cheaper at Costco. Susan C.

Chris at said...

Jamie - that is great that your store allows gift card purchases to accrue points - my store (Giant) doesn't. I thought of doing that but then I read the fine print!