Monday, July 23, 2007

Went to Baltimore today (translation: Balimer to the locals)

I told myself when I joined as a member of the Baltimore Aquarium, I would take Jacob there by myself periodically. It's been a while since I've driven to the Inner Harbor but made it there and back without any big problems (hate all those one way streets downtown). The food cafes at the Aquarium are definitely overpriced. I saw that at one cafe they sold popcorn at $2 a box (which I thought actually wasn't that bad) and I mentioned to Jacob if he wanted some popcorn. At the time he didn't want any but later when we were near the other cafe, he mentioned it. that cafe all they had was the teeny tiny bags of Smartfood popcorn at $1.50 a bag. A bottle of Diet Pepsi was $2.50, but then I saw some vendors outside so I figured once we leave, we'll get a soda from a vendor and walk around the Inner Harbor some before we left. (I am so addicted to diet pepsi that I had some in a cooler back in the car at the parking garage but wasn't about to go get it). I was surprised that the vendor ALSO had $2.50 for a bottle of Diet Pepsi - but then I saw her shirt, she worked for the Aquarium. Bought it anyway.

Forgot to mention what I bought at the yardsales last Saturday, here's a few pics. Lots of DVDs for $1 each and my favorite buy was the vintage Saltines tin for a quarter. The shirts I got for Jacob were a quarter a piece. There was a small spot on the pink shirt I wanted to see if it would come out before taking the pic (that's why it looks wet). The seller said her son never wore it.

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