Monday, July 30, 2007

The rest of my buys from Saturday

Here's more of my buys from Saturday (and that's not even everything since some things didn't make it into the picture - like a box full of +30 vintage souvenir glasses (some Hazel Atlas) for $10. And a vintage 1942 Baby Brownie camera for $2.

Paid .50 for the Do Not Pee on the Floor sign, .10 Maryland stoneware mug, .25 ice cream scooper for my collection, .25 big bottle of Jean Nate (I add various scents to my laundry water), $1 wooden box (similar to two others I have), $1 Trak car cover (new)...I don't *need* it but couldn't pass it up for that price, $5 Funride cable outdoor toy, .50 bottle of plant food, $2 stack of Nick kid's books.

My favorite buy was the Funride Deluxe for $5 - the box is banged up but it has never been used. I actually wanted to buy one for Jacob - since it would be good for upper body strength (he sees an occupational therapist at school for his "low tone"). On ebay they sell for about $75, but websites like this Fun Ride Deluxe they sell them for around $89.

I think next summer I am going to sign Jacob up for a summer day camp. He is wearing me out - everyday he wants to go somewhere. And it's not thrift stores he wants to go to. We usually end up at the local museum (where we are members of so we don't have to pay admission). We did go out on one of their boat rides the other day and it spoiled us, we were the only passengers! They usually do a 2 o'clock boat ride, and then if that fills up to capacity (45 passengers), they'll add a 3:10 boat ride - regardless of how many passengers they have. Well the other day, their 2pm boat was full, so they announced a 3:10 boat ride. Jacob and I signed up and paid $11 for both and we had the boat to ourselves.

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