Sunday, July 29, 2007

One yardsale buy and one freebie

Here's a pic of two of my recent acquisitions from Saturday. In the top pic, the lamp was $3. And the glider was FREE. I want to replace the lamp in our living room - a lamp from my husband's bachelor's days since the glamorous goldtone on it isn't as shiny as it was back in 1988. Will keep the shade tho on the old and put it on the "new".

The child sized glider rocker was a freebie at a yardsale. The seller saw me looking at it and said I could have it for free since it needed work. The original chair pads were N-A-S-T-Y. I even stopped at the landfill to throw them away before I took the chair home since I didn't want them coming inside the house. I ripped out the material which was covering the metal supports - which I had to hammer back into place. Then just heavy duty stapled a piece of material I had laying around (actually it was an old dishtowel but I thought if I called it a "piece of material" here it would sound nicer..haha). The purpose of the material is mainly just to keep kids from sticking their hands underneath - since the metal support rods are the main support for the seat.

Then, since I am not about to start sewing cushions, I just threw on some extra couch pillows on it, so Jacob can use it. Will keep my eyes peeled for "like new" replacement child sized glider cushions at a yardsale. They gotta be out there in yardsaleland, right? Until then, Jacob is content sitting on it with the couch pillows.


Wendy said...

I think you might be hunting for a while if you try to find a glider cushion set, but you might have great luck finding someone elses couch cushions. ;) And, use some iron on hem tape, and you could make your own covers out of his favorite fabric. :) That lamp for 3 bux was a score, very trendy looking.

Anonymous said...

It's hard for me to tell the size from the picture, but would a skinny cushion they sell for outside furniture fit on it? They are all on sale now.

Goobian said...

Nice score both of them! And I bet Hubby isn't as offended because you put the lampshade from the old lamp on it. There is a woman here that has a farm house that she sells liquidated things out of she has piles of seat cushions I bought one for about 2 bucks I bet you'll find one or just some extra furniture pillows.

Editor said...

That's a really nice chair, well done! Any tips on spotting a bargain?