Friday, August 16, 2013

My ugly green colored hallway cabinet

As you may know, I love storage. Because storage is stuff that can be used to store even more stuff. Look for me on an upcoming episode of Hoarders. Just kidding. I don't answer the door when I see the Hoarder's camera crew on my front porch.

Here's what I purchased last week for $15. Some dead person's ugly green cabinet. The front door opens and it has a shelf inside. I am confident in saying that it belonged to a dead person because I bought it at a yardsale at an assisted living community. Once a person goes to the big yardsale in the sky, their family takes what they want and leaves the rest. The remaining stuff gets sold and the money goes to activities etc for the other residents.

I plan on painting it, so here's the "before" picture. But until I paint it, I put it in it's new location to see how it would fit. I hope to have it repainted before the end of the decade.

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