Thursday, August 15, 2013

Back to School and Christmas shopping at Kohl's

It's August and the other night I managed to get some back-to-school clothes shopping done and some Christmas shopping done all in the same trip.

In an ideal world, everyone on my Christmas list would love to get yardsale purchased Christmas presents from me. But as we all know, this is not a perfect world and some people - people who I am actually related to - enjoy receiving gifts that were purchased new in a retail environment. Can you imagine??? Most times I compromised and they get both. Something new and something that has a history.

I am happy with my Kohl's shopping trip the other night. This is what $16.98 got me - 8 beach towels and 2 pairs of shorts for the boy. Or should I say teenager. He is growing as I speak and this was probably one of the last times I get to shop the "boys" section of Kohl's, rather than adult male section. By breaking it down into two transactions, I saved more money since I could use the "save $10 off a $30" transaction coupon that I had PLUS an additional different "save $10 off a $30" transaction that the cashier gave to me. And no, those are not lady-like coral colored shorts for Jacob. It's a pair of manly salmon colored shorts for Jacob.

Some of the towels will go to sister (who has a pool) and my sister in law (who likes going to pools). Last summer I remember my sister complaining that all her beach towels were all threadbare and needing replacement. And since neither one of them visits the blog (it would cut into their CandyCrush time), they will be surprised.

Tomorrow I will show you my "new to me" ugly green hallway cabinet furniture thingy.

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