Saturday, July 21, 2012

Got yogurt?

Well holy moley, I sure do. I saw that my grocery store had clearanced certain varieties of yogurt. At only $1 each! Yes, $1 for a 12 pack of Dannon Activia - which of course I had a $1 off coupons for. $1 for Stonyfield. (Secret coupon tip - stay alert to find coupons in odd places. I scored a bunch of Activia coupons because they had a display in my doctor's office! I also got a bunch of coupons for Jack Links jerky when I took Jacob to Great Clips for a haircut - they had jerky coupons just sitting there on the counter. Great Clips and Jack Links are doing some sort of cross promotion. The jerky coupons came in handy when Walgreens had a BOGO deal on them recently. Anyhow, I digress)

Without further ado, here is my wall of yogurt with awesome receipt.

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