Monday, December 19, 2011

Bargain Liquor and Mickey Mouse - what a combo!

There were no yard sales for me this past Saturday morning, so I had to get my bargain shopping fix elsewhere. On a couponing message board, I had read that Walgreens had $19.99 Christmas shirts ringing up at a .80 clearance price. So I had to check to see if my Walgreens had any. I found (and bought) two. Unfortunately, I only have one Walgreens near me so I cannot easily drive to other Walgreens to buy and hoard more.

Then leaving Walgreens, I saw a big "going out of business - everything 40% off" sign at a local gas station/convenience store. So I stopped in to see what they had. I hadn't been in that store in forever since I don't shop at gas station convenience stores (cuz everything is overpriced). When I buy gas, I just swipe my credit card at the pump so no need to go inside. Well what a surprise - it was a small liquor store inside. And at 40% off, I stocked up. It had been picked through already, so there were no large bottles of Johnny Walker for DH (so I had to settle for small bottles). The 1.75 liter bottles of Aged Cruzan rum were only $19.99 so, after the discount, they were $12 each. I would have bought more but 2 was all they had. The liter bottles of Myers were also $19.99 so $12 after discount. They also had a lot of generic cheapy type of liquor made by companies I have never heard of - which I passed up. Cruzan rum is from St. Croix - where we honeymooned and toured the Cruzan Rum distillery. For all the liquor in the pic, I ended up paying around $90. I will be all set for at least a month!


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Love the MM shirts for 80c!!!!! susan c.

mom2acendeuce said...

Discounted name brand that's my kinda sale!!