Thursday, August 25, 2011

Our $149 HP Touchpad Deal

So last Saturday as we are driving to Pennyslvania, my DH says something like - starting today there is a deal on HP TouchPads - the price has been slashed from $449 to $149 - we should try to get one. I had never heard of this deal before but if it includes stopping at a store to do some shopping, I'm in. First we stopped at Walmart - they had none. Then we stopped at Staples where they were $449 and they didn't have any on the shelves. BUT a very helpful employee offered to order us one, have it delivered to our local store and they would honor the Walmart $149 price (for a 32g).

So we ordered one and yesterday it arrived and we picked it up.

And I picked up my 300 free personalized mailing labels (from an email coupon I got) while I was there.


Sofia K said...

How did he match the price? Was it in a flyer or he took your word?

Chris at said...

nope not in a flyer - the employee and manager knew about the deal and had no problem matching the price. DH had his android phone which showed the lower price online with other sellers (all out of stock) but he didn't even need to show that.

On Sunday, Best Buy started the same deal, so we found a Best Buy in PA and hung around with other customers before the store opened. But the manager came out and said they did not have any.

Anonymous said...

Awesome deal! Susan C.

Anonymous said...

Best But in Milwaukee had 'em on sale for $99.

Chris at said...

Kathleen - 16GB were $99, 32 GB were $149. We got the 32 GB one.