Thursday, August 18, 2011

Now who wouldn't want soiled clothing???

Although it sounded very tempting (haha), I did not buy any soiled clothing last weekend.

Instead here are some other buys of mine:

$2 NWT Kohl's bathingsuit for Jacob
$5 lot: wicker basket, gameboy (for resale at Play N Trade), embroidered bib, scrabble game (I'm collecting a bunch of tiles - to sell on ebay to crafters), heavy duty plastic birdbath (not in picture)
.50 blue thing is a Tupperware container for small odds & ends
.50 vintage Tupperware ketchup & mustard containers
.50 German Shepherd socks (ebay)
$3 new Longaberger candle
$1 - green mesh ball thing is a birdfeeder
$2 - lot of California Raisins
.50 - vintage cartoon glasses
.50 pedometer