Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I heart Walgreens! What .04 will buy nowadays

I had an awesome shopping trip at Walgreens yesterday. I was kinda disappointed in this week's Walgreens ad (except for the 5 12-packs of diet-pepsi for $13 deal). I was busy all day on Monday - a trip to the dentist to get a a cavity filled, Target, Walmart, Staples, BJ's Warehouse, two different CVS's, Kohl's, thrift store, yadda yadda and couldn't fit Walgreens into the schedule on Monday.

But yesterday I went and wow - clearance deals galore in the snack aisle. I had gotten a lot of Register Rewards last week (last week's ad was awesome) so I used those to pay for all the junk food you see above - except I did have to fork over a whole 4 cents. Plus I picked up my free collage print deal they had over Mother's Day weekend.

During my trip to Kohl's I learned something new. I have a Kohl's credit card to get all those special coupons that come in the mail. And to get the discount you have to use the Kohl's credit card to pay. My Kohl's statement gets sent to my email and I'm always forgetting the Kohl's password and have to have it re-sent. And I'm paranoid that sometime I will forget to pay it and get a late fee etc. So what I learned the other day is that once you make your purchase at Kohl's, you can go ahead and pay it off immediately with cash. That is going to save me a lot of headaches, because I normally don't buy a whole lot at Kohl's so paying it off immediately will save me time. And I still get the discounts. And I won't have Mr. YSQ asking me "So what did you buy at Kohl's?" when he sees the bank statement. My purchase the other day was a new bedspread for Jacob - was $99.99 - on clearance for $19.99 plus I got 15% discount.

And finally, I found some good stuff to buy at the thrift store which has had slim pickins lately. For $6 - this brand new Food Network serving thing. The Kohl's $39.99 price tag is still attached. The box shows a thrift store price of $8 on the front, but on the side there was another price of $6 - so that is what I got it for. For $3 - a oozy goozy thing for Jacob (I was hesitant to pay $3 but I knew Jacob would love it and he does). And for $1 - the red small hand. Will be good for displaying jewelry on etc, when I finally get back to selling on ebay.

Today at my regular thrift, I bought a full sized bottle of Coco Chanel eau de toilette for $8. That was the bargain of the day.

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