Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How not to price stuff at a yardsale (or thrift store)

I swear, some people really must not want to sell stuff at their yardsales or thrift stores. That is the only logical explanation I can come up with why someone would mark stuff in obvious places in permanent marker.

Exhibit A:

And here's an oldie that you may remember from last year. Exhibit B:

I had a good yardsaling day last Saturday. I was able to get a $3 booster seat to give to my brother. They asked me to look for one since they occasionally have a friend's kid in their car (they have one booster seat already but want a second one for their other car). Even though he lives in upstate New York, I plan on visiting there again soon so I can give it to him then.

Here is a portion of the stuff that I bought on Saturday. One church yardsale (spent $7 for the bulk of the stuff you see), then an indoor community center yardsale and then a school yardsale and a couple of others. See that red box? That's a Waterford Crystal Christmas ornament (next to the box). It was $5. I like the round ceramic dish with cover (on the booster seat), that was .50. The Scrabble game was free. Crafters like Scrabble tiles to make stuff, I've been saving up a bunch of tiles to put up as a big lot on ebay. The rifle team jacket was .50. It seemed like an odd jacket - maybe someone on ebay will think it's cool. The Rosie doll (.75) is an ebay dud. But maybe I can resell at my next yardsale.

Looking foward to this Saturday. Two more nearby church yardsales.


Anonymous said...

I would not have bought that filty jacket/shirt even for a dollar. What were they thinking?

itgirlsbeware said...

I worked at a thrift store. I swear every once in a while I wanted to go in back and yell over the way something was priced or tagged. I guess its a little pet peeve of mine.

Jen said...

Good finds! I posted my Saturday's finds over at my blog, so check it out!

Jeanette said...

Put $1 on Rosie's head in permanent marker.