Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Future White Trash Birdfeeder Stand

Pictured above is our old falling apart deck swing, AKA my future birdfeeder stand. It originally came with a canopy for shade, which I think lasted one year before the fabric started disintegrating from the hot summer sun. So that got taken off. Then the cushions started falling apart so those got thrown away (I modified other outdoor cushions for it.) Then finally the fabric on the actual swing started decaying so I tore off the fabric on the back part since bits and pieces were falling off and making a mess. I figured someday we'll spend an hour or so and take it to metal recycling and maybe get $3 for it. But then it dawned on me that it would make one helluva bird feeder stand. I just need to remove the swing part. All those swirly things at the top will be able to hold a ton of different type feeders. And since the frame is sturdy, it won't start leaning like my current shepherd hooks do under the weight of 8 lbs of sunflower seeds. So stay tuned, this is the "before" picture. And I plan on spray painting it since there is some rust going on.

I am a surprised that a few of you actually liked that old wheelchair! Yes, I agree, it would be a neat thing to have as a spooky Halloween decoration or part of a haunted house display. Personally I don't have room to store it. Plus, they wanted like $35 for it. For $35, I could buy 70 .50 items at a yardsale :)

Now here's something I wanted to buy but didn't. I just loved this coffee table but I have no room for it and it needed to be refinished. But it was solid wood from Lane, and had an awesome Mid-Century modern look to it. It was $15.

Instead, here is something I bought. An empty box for .25. It's small and doesn't take up much room. I sort of have a collection of vintage bathroom products. Funny how it has laxative action. I guess somehow years ago, nose and butt problems were related.

Still no new car for me. I swear, we have definitely spent more time looking at new cars than we did we bought our house. (We spent a grand total of about 8 hours house hunting before we bought our house). And geez, once those car dealers get your info, they call every other day wanting to help you.


ZDub said...

Fabulous idea, I would like to see my squirrels in action on that old swing.

Beverly McGee said...

You could also use the swing frame to do chin-ups to get in peak physical shape for the approaching yard sale season! ;)

Car Blogger said...

Good idea by you.
Nice to understand.

The Rusty Ranch said...

Don't forget to post after pictures of your bird feeder. That's a great idea!

Chris at said...

I did work on the white trash birdfeeder stand today so I do plan on posting pics.

makati condo said...

I enjoyed reading your post and I love that old swing. It reminds me of my childhood life. Thank you.

Charles A