Friday, March 18, 2011

My DIY Repurposed Glider Patio Swing Makeover into Birdfeeder Station

Today was the day I planned for my glider/swing makeover into my birdfeeding station. So it's 95% complete - the only thing left to do is fill and hang the bird feeders. Once I get the bird feeders up (and before it becomes covered with bird poop) I will post an "after" picture.

So here is the official "before" picture, taken in it's natural habitat. Notice the missing back, missing cushions and rust.

Step 1. Removed the swing part. (On the unused part, I tore off the rest of the fabric and will take the metal to the metal recycling place).

Step 2. Used a wire brush and scrubbed the rusty parts to get the rust flakes off.

Step 3. Dug around in bathroom closet to find my unused metal shower curtain hooks. Spray painted them green. Ever since I bought my awesome shower curtain, I didn't need the hooks anymore (but of course didn't even consider throwing them away). The shower curtain hooks are what will hold the feeders onto the frame. At first I thought about buying "S" hooks at the hardware store, but then I checked the price. For a big S hook, they wanted $1.59 or so EACH. I don't think so.

Step 4. Spray painted the swing frame green (I used some expensive Krylon Fusion paint which I had on hand. I bought several cans dirt cheap at a yardsale). The fusion paint is for plastic but it said it was good for metal and wood etc. Notice my current bird feeders in the background. Ever since I decided to make my bird feeder station, I've neglected filling the feeders.

So here is my "before" pic of my current birdfeeding situation mess. (yes, the squirrels opened the light green birdfeeder on the left).

Stay tuned to see my new birdfeeding station complete with birdfeeders.


Anonymous said...

can't wait to see! =)

Anonymous said...

Creative, artistic and environmentally sound......Susan C.

Lisa said...

This is re-purposing at it's finest!