Saturday, February 05, 2011

Kapoosh and ShamWow!

I'm not sure if I mentioned it again or not, but again this winter, the local hotel gave us free rooms to use again. So this morning after checking out of the hotel, we did some shopping in another city about 45 miles from the castle).

First on my To-Do list was to go to a home improvement show being held in a local arena. I wanted to go for a few reasons: it was free to go. It was pretty close to the hotel location. And I had never been inside the arena before and wanted to see it. Only downside is now I am going to be bombarded for the next 12 months with timeshare opportunities and people wanting to update my kitchen cabinets. But that is my own fault for giving my real name and # on their entry blanks.

Then onto a Honda dealer to look at the CR-7 cars. DH felt cramped in it, so it's not going to make the cut. If you remember, we started looking for a new car last July. DH doesn't like to rush into things, plus, I still wasn't sold yet on replacing my Mazda MPV.

So cutting the CR-7 off the list, there is just one car left. Chances are my new vehicle will be a Toyota Venza. The Mazda CX-7 is being axed since in comparison to the Venza, the Venza is nicer inside. I've never had a Toyota before. Of course, in a perfect world, I would go into a time machine and bring back one of the best cars ever - a "new" a 1988 Plymouth Sundance, with 0 miles, in baby blue.

Then, onto Bed Bath & Beyond. I wish there was one closer to me, I love that store. When I visited my sister in December, she showed me her Kapoosh Knife Holder and I loved it. She had the one in the wooden block and I immediately went and bought one while in NY (since of course I carry my 20% off Bed Bath & Beyond coupons everywhere I go, just in case). But when I got it home to Maryland, I realized the stainless steel one would be better for me. So I returned it last month to the Annapolis Bed Bath & Beyond store. But they were out of the one I wanted. It's $39.99 at BB&B (less 20% coupon, I didn't pay $57)

So I was happy to find it at their other location today. Plus I bought other things, like how could I pass up ShamWow! towels for just $5.99 (less 20% coupon, of course). They also had Christmas food gift sets, like Knotts Berry Farm Boysenberry syrup/waffle mix sets for $3.99 (less 20%). Originally $19.99. I bought 2.

You probably already know this if you are a regular Bed Bath & Beyond shopper, but save all your 20% off coupons that you get in the mail. Even though they have an expiration date, you can used expired coupons. And you can use one coupon per item. I bought 6 things today and I handed the cashier 6 coupons.

Picture from this morning - a gray day on the bay.

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Andy @ Store More! said...

We are having a yard/rummage sale on March 11th & 12th. Anybody can come to sell and join in the fun. There is always some good treasures in those units. Just look at Storage Wars and the other reality shows.
Good luck! Andy