Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wine, Steve Miller Band, Hogettes and Junk

I forgot to mention some other stuff I've done in the past few weeks. I completed (almost) the Patuxent Wine Trail with my MIL. Too bad there is not also a Rum & Diet Coke trail. The above pic is of Steve Miller and the Steve Miller Band practicing before the show. Now there is a man who is not afraid to show off his fish-belly-white legs. Sorta hard to tell where the legs end and the socks begin. This was the first time I actually saw the artist practicing before the show - mostly I just hear the "Check 1 2" guys.

Steve Miller link

And speaking of celebrities, I took my MIL to see some pig celebrities that were appearing in beautiful downtown Lusby - the hogettes

And with Jacob back in school I may have stopped at a thrift store or two today. I found a few things to buy. Also went to a farmhouse that is some sort of consignment store with junk everywhere. I think the owner lives there and doesn't mind people walking thru the kitchen and seeing the old style sink full of dishes. It was a little different. On one side of the kitchen is the guy's canned goods, and the other is a shelves of stuff for sale. Well I think the stuff was for sale.

And here is what I bought today (majority of stuff from Smile):

.25 each - Valuetale books
$1 tank top for me
.25 Graham Kerr dough gadget
.50 vacuum cleaner bag
.25 Bath & Body Works hand pampering thing
.25 small vintage Springbok puzzle
.75 Bath & Body Works tube of lotion
$1 Spongebob valance
.50 repro Route 66 sign
.50 vintage Hazel Atlas Ranger Joe mug

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EM said...

I wish we had a thrift like Smile here in Louisville. You seem to find some of the best stuff there and the prices are so reasonable.