Sunday, August 02, 2009

Saturday's Yard Sale Buys

I've been real busy the last week with Jacob's end of camp and this week is going to be another busy week. And then I got a lot of stuff going on next week too.

And Jacob is addicted to Google Maps now, so he's been on my computer a lot lately. You know how Google Maps has the "street view"? He likes looking at the maps and using the roads to see where they go. I put in an address in Long Beach, CA for him and later in the day, he was somewhere in the desert in Arizona. We bought him a NEW computer a few years ago, but there is something wrong with it (it won't power up). So now that Jacob is back into computers, DH is going to get Jacob's computer fixed.

I went to several yardsales yesterday but didn't find too much. At some sales, I left without buying anything.

$5 - sealed Lego Batman (for ebay. This particular Lego kit sells for between $75 - $149 on ebay)
$1 each - Franklin Mint The Simpson's plates. Will probably keep but not sure what I will do with them. The one features the episode with the 3-eyed fish from the nuke plant so I had to buy it.
$2 cigar case with torch lighter (will put away for Xmas for DH)
free - cigar box
.25 Super Mario big glass
.50 Staples Easy button
.10 each (10 cents!!!!!!) DVDS (some sealed). At that price, I bought all they had (just 4)
.50 vintage pyrex dish
$1 each - two new sets of dishtowels & pot holders. I like the potholders with the alumium-y backing on them, I never see them anymore in the stores.


Elizabeth said...

LOL @ easy botton! I soooo need one of those :)

Shara said...

I'm addicted to Google Maps too. I look up by blog buddies so I can see their houses. I'm just curious, not a stalker or anything creepy.....;o)

Chris at said...

Shara - good luck finding my house!

ThriftyAnnabella said...

So lucky finding those DVD's for 10c - everyone around here thinks DVD's are worth $5 each. Love the Staples button.

ZDub said...

I love the Simpsons plates! You need a double plate hanger so you can hang them together.

Have a good week, hope it isn't too stressful!