Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Pink Confetti Everywhere

There are still cherry blossoms on the trees but now the yard looks like its full of pink confetti.

Had a good visit with family and they left a few days ago. On Saturday I took my sister yardsaling and we found a few things. I got this set of Henckel knives for $5 and she got a cute Stone Mountain purse in new condition for $1. At my next yardsale I will sell our current two sets of non-Henckel knives which are about 20 years old. This picture doesn't do them justice - they look almost new.

I got some bad news thru the thrift store grapevine. Yes, there is a thrift store grapevine. I heard that the Catholic Charities thrift in a town about 12 miles away is closing at the end of May. And of course, that is the store that I found the awesome Benjamin Moore Aura paint at. Because of it's location, I didn't shop there on a routine basis but I always stopped by if I was in the area. Tomorrow I am paying someone to smush my boobs (I know what you all are thinking - Chris, you look waaaayyy too young to need a mammogram) so anyway afterwards I will stop by Catholic Charities since it's on the way and see if there is anything good left.

I got a good deal at Staples the other day (I am still using my $3 inkjet coupons.) I also had other coupons to use - like get a free two pack of Delta Elite pens and a free box of 60 cheapo pens. My total came to $19.76 but I actually only paid .51 The Sour Patch Kids are for me. The garage sale labels are going to the winner of the contest that I had in April. A new contest will start in May. I think I am going to drop off the cheapy pens at my son's school.


Janet said...

When you take your used inkjet cartridge to Staples, how exactly do you turn it in for a coupon? I have an empty one I'd like to take in, but I'm not sure who to take it to. Thanks!

meme said...

Great job! I love that! Meme from Screaming Meme's....