Thursday, November 08, 2007

Well I did go get a replacement driver's license on Tuesday....

I thought I lost my driver's license (it's been a good two months since I remember having it). So on Tuesday, I gathered up my birth certficiate and two forms of residence (like utility bill and credit card statement etc) and went and paid $20 for a replacement license. (That $20 is what financial guy Dave Ramsey would call paying a stupid tax. The tax you pay for being stupid - LOL!)

Well guess what I found today? My old license. And its almost embarrassing where it was. Basically right in front of my face - on my computer monitor stand is my where I had put my business card case. Today I look inside, and oops, there it is. The bad part is that I can't even use the old one for legal stuff (like if I got pulled over for speeding since technically it is voided now). But on the plus side, my picture is much better on the new one! LOL! The last time I got my pic taken for it, I had helmet-hair from riding to the DMV on the back of my husband's BMW motorcycle.

And it could be worse - on Monday I was packing up some old clothes and shoes to donate - and as luck would have it, I just happened to look inside one of my canvas type beach shoes - and found a $10 bill in it. I don't remember putting $10 in my shoes, but its something I know I would have done when I was at the community pool or something.

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Goobian said...

I enjoy Dave Ramsey's show I listen to it every few months. Beans and rice, rice and beans lol.