Sunday, November 04, 2007

Some of my yardsale and thrift store buys from the last week

I bought the little blue suitcase ($1) which in in immaculate condition to store mementos and such. After hearing about all those awful California fires, it made me realize that if I had to evacuate quickly, I don't have all my sentimental stuff in one easy location. So I think I'll use the small suitcase - which would easily fit under a bed to store a bunch of my stuff. For instance, I have CD-roms full of pictures of Jacob when he was younger (and deleted off my computer), and even made back-up copies too. And I have no idea where any of it is.

Now, all I have to do is somehow find room under a bed to store it. I like that the logo emblem on it is "Lady Baltimore"

Also in the pic is a fog machine light. When I first saw them I thought they were so neat, I guess I'll see if it lives up to my expectations. It was marked $8 but I got it for $5. I remember seeing them in Antique stores (the kind of antique stores that sell new stuff too) for about $30 or $40.

I bought for $3 the Black and Decker jar opener to give to my mom. She probably won't use it but complain about her arthritis anyhow. I did test it out and it does do what its supposed to. But the place where you put the jars, is pretty narrow. A wide bottom jar would not fit. How stupid, those are the hardest to open!


Anonymous said...

This is the truth: when I graduated high school in 1968, my gift was a set of Lady Baltimore blue luggage, exactly like you bought. I remember vividly picking it out with my Mother. Of course it is long gone. Hope you find your momentos to store your stuff in.

~Susan C

Anonymous said...

When I was in my early twenties in 1972, I was about to embark on my first airplane flight as well as first trip to California. I went to our local department store to shop for luggage. I wanted to look stylish when I arrived, so after careful consideration I bought a full set of red Lady Baltimore luggage. For me, at the time, it was very expensive.
Here we are 37 years later. I have lived in California all this time, and one of the Lady Baltimore suitcases that my kids took possesion of has traveled everywhere. It is covered with travel stickers, and is lovingly referred to as "The Red Suitcase." People stop us in airports to ask the story behind it. The suitcase is such a part of our family history, that if we were to have a fire, we would grab the suitcase empty or full. My grandaughter loves it so much that I just bought her a set on ebay so that she can start her own adventures. First stop for her, Paris. My how times have changed.

~Donna L