Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Went shopping at the .35 clothing thrift store

Today I bought the above vintage wool letterman cardigan sweater for a whopping .35! Certain day of the week, Vintage Value sells clothes for only .35. I also found a few shirts for myself today. And I bought myself two pairs of shoes, one is a pair of Converse All Star slip on sneakers (.75) and the other is by a brand called Simple. I thought it was neat that it says "future" and "past" with arrows on the bottom.


brigita said...

That sweater is *fantastic* and Simples are a great brand of shoes (tho they don't always resell that well on eBay, FWIW). Nicely done!

Isabella said...

are you selling this?

Chris at said...

I will be selling it but right now I don't know exactly where i put it.