Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Bargain junk from yesterday = college fund

Yesterday I went to take recycleables to the recycling center and right on top of the bin was this empty clean water jug. I've been looking for one for a while now so I grabbed it. It's going to be a Christmas gift to my brother, but first I will write "Jacob's College Fund - Jug #1" on it. I'm doing it partly as a joke. What I really would like to do is find a nice 55 gallon drum to give him instead of the small 5 gallon jug. My sister has 3 girls (2 which have graduated from HS), and my brother has given both older girls a jug of cash at graduation. So, with Jacob being in First Grade, this will give him plenty of time to fill it.

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Grace said...

I got one of those for HS graduation, and it was among my favorite gifts. I had laundry money and vending machine money for my whole freshman year.