Monday, April 09, 2007

Happy Belated Easter

Ok, I really have a good excuse for not blogging lately. I was in upstate New York for a week. I went OVER a full week with no computer access at all. I could have checked my email when I was at my brother's house but I decided just to go cold turkey.

The weather was too cold for garage sales (they haven't really started up there yet anyways). But I had a good time shopping at Christmas Tree Shop They are only located in the Northeast. I was barely 20 feet into the store and was putting stuff in my cart left and right. Also did some Kohl's shopping. I love the Kohl's that is near my mom's. There are a few in Maryland (but not 3 miles away like it is when I stay with my mom) - but the ones near me are at least 45 miles away. The weird thing is when I do go to the Kohl's that is closest to me, I never find anything. I think it has to do with the layout of the store (2 stories and in a mall) but the one near my mom is one level in a strip mall. Easier to navigate or something.

Here's a little trick I did at Kohl's - I did my shopping late at night by myself (heaven!) and had them put my stuff "on hold" for a day. Then the next day I brought my mom and went and picked up my merchandise at Customer Service and took it to the register where my mom bought it and got the Senior citizen discount of 15%.

It's been a long day (and week!). Will write tomorrow.

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